Data protection statement

Personal data about you that is held by Better Health Coaching is used only for the purpose of informing your health coaching. If you have participated as a case study for the purpose of supporting my final qualification, your anonymised data will be shared with course tutors. At other times details of your coaching sessions may be shared anonymously with a coaching supervisor. 

Every effort is made to ensure that only information that is relevant, up to date and accurate is kept. You have the right to see any records pertaining to your interactions with Better Health Coaching. Data that is inaccurate will be erased or corrected without delay.

Data is kept on a password protected system.

Data will not be shared with any third party unless you give explicit consent or unless it is in your vital interests. An example of vital interests would be if an emergency occurred whilst you were in session and 999 had to be called to your home, meaning your address must be shared.  

Your records will be held for 7 years after your health coaching sessions have ceased, as required by the term of my insurance. You have the right to ask for your personal data to be erased before this time has elapsed or to withdraw your consent at any time unless there is a legal claim in progress. 

You have the right to object to any direct marketing from Better Health Coaching and to opt out of these contacts.